Understanding Imager Resolution

Resolution is one of the most important objective specifications for a thermal imaging system. Due to a lack of standardization, this term is used in a variety of ways, many of which can be confusing or misleading.Source: IR/INFO.ORG

Scheduling IR Equipment for Maintenance

Many thermographers think of the holidays as a time for family, festivities and annual maintenance of their infrared equipment. Planning ahead can help to minimize imager downtime and avoid or minimize program interruption….Source: IR/INFO.ORG

How to Use Reliability to Offset Supply Chain Issues

With recent COVID-related shutdowns of supply lines that have crippled companies, investing in reliability becomes a vital strategy for keeping systems and production lines running. Without parts, companies cannot manufacture products or repair machinery when it breaks….Source: IR/INFO.ORG

Normal Hot Spots in Electrical Systems

In general, hot spots within electrical systems are indicative of problems such as loose connections or overloaded circuits. For some electrical components, high temperature operation is normal and an infrared imager can be used to help ensure that these devices are functioning….Source: IR/INFO.ORG

Infrared Prior to PM Shutdowns

Many facilities undergo regularly scheduled shutdowns for preventive maintenance. Performed prior to shutdowns, infrared inspections can help to point out potential problems in electrical and mechanical systems and allow for more effective use of resources during a shutdown.Source: IR/INFO.ORG

Using a First Surface Mirror

Proper conduct of an infrared inspection requires line of sight access to the object(s) being inspected. A first surface mirror can often be utilized to inspect components that may be obstructed or obscured.Source: IR/INFO.ORG…

Infrared Equipment – New or Used?

Purchasing a pre-owned thermal imager can result in significant savings over the cost of a new unit. Prices for new thermal imagers can range from under $1000 to tens of thousands depending upon features and capabilities.Source: IR/INFO.ORG…

A Crash Course on Drone Liability

The use of aerial drones in the commercial practice of infrared thermography to monitor, inspect, investigate and document property conditions has become a commonplace.Source: IR/INFO.ORG…

IR Inspection Windows – See What You’ve Been Missing

An Infrared Inspection Window is a window that is used to separate environments of differing pressures or temperatures while allowing light energy at a specified electromagnetic wavelength to pass between the two environments. Source: IR/INFO.ORG…