New interferometer for high-precision wafer thickness measurement

In semiconductor production, highest precision is essential. An important process step is the lapping of the blanks, which are thereby brought to a uniform thickness. In order to continuously control the thickness, the interferoMETER IMS5420 series white light interferometers were developed.
These e

Source: Micro-epsilon

Highly accurate thickness measuring system for metal surfaces

The thicknessSENSOR is used for the precise thickness measurement of narrow strip and sheet materials such as metal or plastic. The new model thicknessSENSOR ILD1420LL now allows for even more precise measurements on metal surfaces. This is due to their small, oval measurement spot which compensates…Source: Micro-epsilon

Eddy current sensors: Unmatched precision in industrial applications

Eddy current-based inductive sensors of the eddyNCDT series provide non-contact detection of displacement, distance, position and oscillation. They enable highly precise measurements on ferromagnetic as well as non-ferromagnetic materials. The eddyNCDT sensors prove resistant to dirt, pressure and t

Source: Micro-epsilon