How Gauges Can Help Prevent Costly Loss of Containment

22199486 pq 1 LOSS OF CONTAINMENT BLOG picturesLoss of containment is one of the costliest things that can go wrong at a plant. Accordingly, smart enterprises employ a variety of measures that ensure loss of containment just doesn’t happen – or when it does, the adverse circumstances are kept to a minimum. Safety concerns aside, even a relatively minor loss of containment […]

Pump Maintenance Depends on Top-Quality Pressure Gauges

22898235 pq 4Pumps are vital to many different industries – from air conditioning to food and beverage. Pressure gauges can be essential to keeping pumps up and running. Proper maintenance plays a vital role in keeping your pumps pumping. Here’s a quick look at how pressure instruments help make that happen. Energy and repair savings Breakdowns do not have to be inevitable. Avoiding them just requires paying close attention to what your pump’s pressure transmitters are […]

SDWA-Compliant Pressure Gauges are Now Required by Law

DrinkingWaterGaugesOnly WIKA offers a NSF International certified pressure gauge to meet the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). Although stainless steel was an option, it is expensive, so WIKA engineers crafted a gauge with wetted parts made from lead-free brass that is ideal for potable water applications. US Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) […]