Eng & Sci Jokes

Eng & Sci Jokes

Even Scientists and Engineers need some fun in their lives. After all, why should the students be the only ones having any?

But then, are you really sure we want to let the world know what tickles the funny bones of scientists and engineers? Perhaps this will show more of the humorous side of those oft thought of as serious people.

Chemistry Jokes

“If you didn’t get the joke, you probably didn’t understand the science behind it. If this is the case, it’s a chance for you to learn a little chemistry” But, the trick on this website is that the explanation is there with each joke. Some test the limits of punniness.

derElecs Jokes at U O’Waterloo

Not all humour presented here is fit for general public consumption. Please check your political correctness at the door (or bugger off).

Engineering Jokes

At GrahamNasby.com – Headlined: People like to make fun of engineers. It’s a proven fact. So, we use our melons!…
Speak for yourself, Graham, some people use their noodles.

Engineering-School Jokes

The author tried making the jokes socially acceptable.
(QUOTE) However, since the whole point of engineering jokes is to play on stereotypes, well, … they ain’t perfect. Please take them in the sense that they are offered: as a commentary on our times.(Unquote)
Some are very old and still funny, if you already have a weird sense of humor.

Gallery of Statistics Jokes by Gary Ramseyer

Lots of lame puns, obscure humor and every now and then something that will elicit a smile or more from even the sourest of statistics students under the sun or elicit edginess from editorial engineers.
Professor Ramseyer teaches statistics at Illinois State University in the USA when he isn’t entertaining them.
This website is part of a Science Humor Net Ring. Imagine. Scientists have fun?

Jokes for Geeks 

Let’s face it, most Engineers and Scientists (some call them Geeks) spend way too much time by themselves contemplating intellectual subects with great detail and enormous depth and complexity. That doesn’t leave much time to relate to humour quite the same was as, say, lawers, accountants, truck drivers and office workers and most non-technical managers.
So their jokes tend to be, how shall we say, a little different than what you see on TV or the movies. Some say they seem like grown-up versions of those found in Boys Life magazine. You can see for yourself in this unique joke collection.

Lawyer Jokes (185)

God Save us from a lawyers etcetera – French Proverb (According to tan older, defunct web link)
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Physics Jokes and Anecdotes 

Some people posit that physicists have strangeness in abundance. This web page proves the hypothesis.
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Science Jokes compiled by Joachim Verhagen

Science Jokes compiled by Joachim Verhagen. Yet another member of the nefarious Science Humor Net Ring.In fact, Dr, J.C.D. Verhagen of Amersfoort, Netherlands is the founder and main instigator of the web ring.

Star Party

Learn about exciting NASA research on http://science.nasa.gov

Latest news about JSC Educational Programs at http://education.jsc.nasa.gov
View the Earth from Space http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/info/
Details on Space Station science operations can be found at http://scipoc.msfc.nasa.gov
Information on NASA biotechnology research and Space Station experiments is available at http://microgravity.msfc.nasa.gov

Songs by Tom Lehrer

A recordings of The Elements by Tom Lehrer.
In 1959, jack of all trades, Tom Lehrer (A Harvard-educated mathematician) wrote and sang this song naming all of the elements in front of a Harvard audience.
A version was more recently sung by Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter?) and also is enshrined on YouYube.
You’ve got to imagine the guys recording this song: early twenties, with seven-eighths inch crewcut hair, plastic rimed glasses, sharp white shirts and loosened black ties. They gathered around a high tech tape recorder and forever preserved this song:

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