“How Accurate Are Your Temperature Measurements?”

In a recent issue of “The Monitor”

Windmill Software discussed this important factor that everyone considering the use of thermocouple temperature sensors should know

The full article is online at: https://www.windmill.co.uk/thermocouple-accuracy.html

“There are many factors that limit the accuracy of the final figure for the temperature. Absolute Accuracy relates to how closely the thermocouple derived temperature mimics the actual temperature. The major errors usually arise from the thermocouple materials themselves.

“There are international standards that specify the amount by which sensors may deviate from ideal behaviour, reproduced below.

“Accuracy and Temperature Range of different types of Thermocouple and RTD

“Typically thermocouples are accurate to 1-2 degrees Celsius. As thermocouples age their chemical and electro properties change, reducing their accuracy. This effect is quicker in harsh environments and when you regularly heat and cool the thermocouple to the limits of its range.”

FYI, A small company on Florida, USA, GEC Instruments, Inc. has repeatably demonstrated the ability to deliver super-accurate Type T Thermocouples that provide measurement uncertainties well in excess of International Standards. Visit their website to learn more at: http://gecinstruments.com/