“ How to Prevent the Next Pandemic”

New Book by Bill Gates

Mr. Gates has written a book hoping to assist the world in heading off a new pandemic. He has even gone on popular TV shows, like The Today Show, to promote it. Per the promotional info, he proposes a new, overview group he calls GERM along with a concerted effort at improvements in public health system and more.

I’ll be ordering and reading the book today. I expect that many others will, too.

Meanwhile, after reading “The Preminition” by Michael Lewis”, a book that documents some of the good and bad features in the US’s response to the COVID pandemic, I am convinced that Bill Gates has a very hard task ahead.

Our public health system has been so neglected and underfunded for decades that the politics alone will be nearly impossible to fix. It seems that the majority of politicians only pay lip service to any task except getting re-elected, let alone a serious effort to arrest and prevent the spread of diseases. That was the big message that I got from Michael Lewis’s book.

Even now, after 2 plus years of vaccine development, countries like China are still trying to stop their version of the COVID pandemic and many Third World countries are having problems distributing functional vaccines. Until all versions of COVID are erased from the world, the potential for present eradication is low.

Meanwhile Mr. Gates has been personally demonized in some Social Media areas despite his remarkably generous and successful work in the areas of public awareness, education and public heath to eradicate diseases world wide. I am concerned that his new effort, no matter how well intentioned and effective will be met with similar scorn and derision by many nay-sayers.

I wish Mr. Gates well and hope optimism will win the day, but it appears to be a long hard job. If enough people with similar zeal and desire to save lives show up, it will, but finding them among our presently elected “leaders and representatives” will be one of first and most challenging priority efforts, in MHO.