Planet-223x137Kudos and many thanks are due to our banner and link advertisers who kept my websites alive and relevant for many years as well as some of the organizations that I served during my long trip through the world of measurement and marketing.

Burns Engineering... “The Temperature Measurement Experts®”. Sanitary Sensors and Thermowells | Industrial Sensors and Assemblies | Custom Sensors / Unique Styles | Calibration Services and Metrology Products.

Data Translation – now Measurement Computing, one of our original banner advertisers – a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality PC-based and embedded ARM-based Data Acquisition (DAQ) solutions for the test and measurement market.

Far Associates: “Measuring Temperatures Where No One Else Can – Non-contact Temperature Measurement for Process Industries, Advanced Materials, and Research. A long time friend and former customer.

FLIR was  a regular banner advertiser for many years, FLIR is the world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of thermal imaging infrared cameras.

Glass Companies (Corning Glass Works, Ford Glass, Guardian Glass, Owens Corning, PPG Industries, RCA Glass ) where I learned firsthand about glass making and forming. FYI, I believe that I was the first “outsider” who actually walked through a Tin Bath area of a float glass line during a rebuild at a Michigan plant in the 1970s, and similarly was granted access to some of the Corning Glass Works (GLW) proprietary process details, under NDAs, in two separate GLW  facilities so as to help solve some of their unique process Temperature measuring problems in the 1980s.

Heitronics – With more than 50 infrared thermometer products that are suitable for a wide range of applications, including industrial manufacturing, research and laboratory explorations; another supportive advertizer.

Infraspection Institute, our most supportive and longest term banner advertiser. Infraspection is the original thermal imaging infrared thermographer training organization with courses at many skill levels, online, scheduled internationally and in-house. We “clicked” in many ways for many years – lots of good friends since the early days when I helped them develop their Level II training course.

AMETEK Land (Land Instruments) is the world’s leading manufacturer of monitors and analysers for industrial infrared non-contact temperature measurement, combustion efficiency and environmental pollutant emissions. It’s where I cut my teeth on Infrared and high dewpoint temperature measurements in Industry.

PCE Instruments (PCE Deutschland GmbH) thermal imagers and much, much more; a supportive advertizer.

The Pyrometer Instrument Company a leader in the development of precision temperature measurement instruments for science and industry,  the only domestic manufacturer of traditional optical photoscreenic wedge and disappearing filament pyrometers – they used my services in the area of marketing analysis.

Sensors Magazine (Sensors Online) is the primary source for design and product engineers seeking information about the latest sensor technologies and industry market trends; supported us via published articles.

Several Steel Companies (LTV Steel, Bethlehem Steel, AK Steel, Inland Steel, Ford Steel) where I not only learned about steel making and shaping, but contributed in numerous applications of unique sensors in Continuous Annealing and Casting, Galvanizing and Galvanealing, Iron Ore Pelletizing, Hot Rolling, Liquid Steel Pouring Streams, Hot Strip Camber,  Reheat Furnaces, Calibrations and much, much more.

Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc.™ supported our earliest efforts and has grown into a monster resource in thermal infrared imaging services and training

Telops a leading supplier of high-performance infrared and infrared hyper-spectral imaging systems for the defence, industrial, and academic research industries.

Tempsens Instruments India Accredited Calibration services are provided for all kind of temperature sensors and furnaces including pyrometers for temperature range -196 °C to 2900 °C.

Thermalogic® Corporation a steady banner advertiser for many years is an established electronic temperature and humidity control and sensor manufacturer.

Thermo Gauge Instruments Inc.  (USA) Produces precision Blackbodies used worldwide by those who make and know thermal radiation sensors and their calibration requirements. I helped develop a simple Notepad HTML website for them which, as far as I have seen, is still online with much of its original content.

There were several other key supporters, my apologies, some I have not mentioned because of secrecy agreements. Let me know and I will fix it. Use our comment box or email me at grp (at)

Gratefully and Respectfully,

Ray Peacock.                                                                                                Ivyland, PA

PS: I can not complete this appreciation page without a mention of the people that I have met and worked with in several professional organizations and societies. These organizations especially include: ASTM International, ISA, and The Thermosense Group of SPIE and The Association of Iron & Steel Engineers.

I have learned probably more than I have contributed to these groups in addition to many new friends and great people that I have met in my work and society experiences, some of whom have sadly left us all too soon. it was a pleasure to have known each one of you. Thank you!


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