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RSS News Feeds Used Here

rss iconI have searched for and found interesting, mostly measurement related RSS news feeds, as listed below, and the software on this blog polls them for updates. They form the basis of our news features. If you would like me to consider adding your feed, send me an email with the feed link and a short description of the news you publish; we may add it.

Ray Peacock


  1. ASTM International – New Publications for Air Quality
  2. ASTM International – New Publications on Analytical Chemistry for Metals, Ores and Related Materials
  3. ASTM International – New Standards for Magnetic Materials
  4. ASTM International – New Standards for Temperature Measurement
  5. ASTM International – New Standards for Thermal Analysis
  6. ASTM International – New Standards for Thermal Insulation
  7. Advanced Thermal Solutions
  8. American Meteorological Society: Meteorological Monographs
  9. Blog
  10. Beamex blog
  11. Blockchain Pulse: IBM Blockchain Blog
  12. Climate Central – News
  13. Climate News — ScienceDaily
  14. Data Acquisition and Data Loggers
  15. DuckDuckGo Blog
  16. ESO Space Engineering & Technology
  17. Earth and environmental sciences :
  18. Fluke Calibration: US
  19. Global Climate Change – Vital Signs of the Planet
  20. Grist
  21. IEEE Spectrum News From Around IEEE
  22. IR InformIR Blog from Flir’s ITC
  23. IR/INFO Updates
  24. ISA Interchange
  25. Infrared Cameras Inc.
  26. Infrared Consulting Services
  27. Infrared Systems
  28. Infraspection Institute
  29. JPL | Blog
  30. Knowledge is Good Blog by George Parry
  31. Laboratory Testing Inc.
  32. Lake Shore Blog
  33. LeanEssays
  34. MadgeTech News
  35. Malicious IPs | By Last Bad Event | Project HoneyPot
  36. Metrologia – latest papers
  37. Micro-Epsilon News (EN)
  38. NCEI News Feed
  39. NJInfrared RSS – Release, Story, News
  40. New NASA STI Report Series
  41. News
  42. Optris GmbH – News and Press Releases
  43. Pennsylvania Watchdog at
  44. Physics World
  45. Press Releases – Yokogawa Electric Corporation
  47. STEM Education News — ScienceDaily
  48. Solar Energy News — ScienceDaily
  49. State of the Climate Report (NOAA)
  50. TSI Energy Solutions
  51. Taking Measure (A NIST Blog)
  52. Thermal Vision, World Class Thermal Vision
  53. Thermoteknix Systems Ltd
  54. What’s New in Measurement and Control at Windmill Soft
  55. WordPress Planet
  56. tandf: Quantitative InfraRed Thermography Journal