AI Could Help Increase the IVF Success Rate

AI Could Help Increase the IVF Success Rate

More than 8 million people have been born worldwide with the help of in vitro fertilization since 1978. In IVF, an egg is fertilized by sperm in the lab; the resulting clump of cells is transferred into a patient’s uterus.Although IVF techniques have advanced significantly in recent decades, the average success rate is still fairly low: around 45 percent. The percentage steadily declines as women age; a 40-year-old woman has a likely success rate of about 12 percent, according to Pregnancy…

Paige's AI Diagnostic Tech Is Revolutionizing Cancer Diagnosis

Paige’s AI Diagnostic Tech Is Revolutionizing Cancer Diagnosis

Artificial intelligence was not on Leo Grady’s mind when he was applying for college in the early 1990s. The IEEE member was interested in human interaction, linguistics, and psychology, and he initially chose the unusual double major of anthropology and physics.
But his desire to understand how the human brain works led him to switch from physics to electrical engineering and ultimately to pursue signal processing at the University of Vermont.
“All of this eventually led me to AI,” Grady says….

Inexpensive 3D-Printed Microscope Can Spot Coronavirus in Blood

Inexpensive 3D-Printed Microscope Can Spot Coronavirus in Blood

A digital microscope that uses holography and deep-learning technology could detect COVID-19 in a drop of blood. A diagnosis could be made on the spot in a matter of minutes instead of the hours or sometimes days it can take for PCR test results to come back.
The system, which uses digital holographic microscopy, could be used in areas that lack health care facilities, as well as in hospitals whose labs are backlogged with tests.
That’s according to one of…

QIRT 2008 Abstracts

IR image of Ratuszowa towerKrakow, Poland – QIRT 2008’s program for the Conference in Krakow, Poland on July 2 – 5, 2008 is now available on the QIRT2008 website.

While it is mostly an Applications Conference, there are presentations on other, related topics such as calibration, and equipment, too.

Here, below is a copy of the program as of March 6, 2008, with links to the Abstracts of each, as available.


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Send the filled registration form to the Secretary of QIRT2008 via e-mail qirt [at] or by post.
The registration will be confirmed by e-mail. The participants declaring a presentation of papers will obtain a confirmation e-mail containing an individual ftp server upload link with login, password and further instructions.


Invited Paper:

P. Bison
Measuring thermophysical properties by IR thermography

A. Nowakowski
Advances of QIRT in medical diagnostics


P. Baranowski, W. Mazurek
Chosen aspects of thermographic studies on detection of physiological disorders and mechanical defects in apples