Chiller Line Reaches 3.5Kw and beyond!

Chillers in liquid cooling loops condition the coolant before it returns to the cold plate and the heat source. The ATS-CHILL V series are re-circulating, vapor compression chillers that offer precise coolant temperature control using a PID controller. ATS iM … Continue reading →Source: Advanced Thermal Solutions…

ATS #Engineering #Webinar “How to Choose the Right Heat Sink Attachment for Component Packages of all Sizes and Shapes” 5-26-22 2PM EDT

Choosing the right heat sink is essential. So is HOW YOU ATTACH IT to your hot components? Learn about this important step in deploying a thermal management solution at our webinar “How to Choose the Right Heat Sink Attachment for Component Packages of all Sizes and Shapes”. Clips, push pins, tapes and other methods will be reviewed for popular SoC and SiP packages. A handy technical reference sheet and white paper on attachment types will be provided to those who register…Source: Advanced Thermal Solutions

Heat & Health: Expanding ‘urban heat island’ and warming climate sends more to the ER in Charlotte

By Priyanka Runwal, Climate Central and Elisa Raffa, Fox 46 Charlotte This story was produced through a partnership between FOX 46 Charlotte and Climate Central.

(FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – On sweltering summer days, the Roof Above homeless shelter in Charlotte doubles as a cooling station. Air conditioning in the building, and more recently fans and misting units on the porch, provide respite from dangerous conditions outside. “Heat is really tough on those folks that we serve,”…

In Maine’s ‘City of Ships,’ climate change’s coastal threat is already here

By Lori Valigra and John Upton
The city of Bath, nestled on the western banks of the Kennebec River, is especially endangered by climate change and rising sea levels. Credit: Troy R. Bennett / BDN BATH, Maine — Peter Gerard had never seen so much water. This segment and story were produced through a partnership between Climate Central and Bangor Daily News. 

A torrential rain storm in late September 2015 coinciding with high tide waters and leaves clogging drains sent him racing to…Source: Climate Central

MIT Lecture: 32: Heat – Thermal Expansion

8.01 Physics I: Classical Mechanics: Instructor/speaker: Prof. Walter Lewin. Length: 49:07 minutes Topics covered: Heat raises the temperature, and usually the volume of the material that absorbs the heat. The linear and cubical thermal expansion coefficients of metals (including mercury)…