A Passionate Proponent Of Professional Ethics For Engineers

A Passionate Proponent of Professional Ethics for Engineers

THE INSTITUTE Since the 1970s, Walter Elden has been one of the staunchest supporters of providing professional ethics programs for IEEE members. The life senior member has been actively involved in encouraging the organization to offer ethics conduct enforcement, support, and resources.

Walter Elden
Elden says he was inspired to take up the cause after several life-changing events. In one, he testified in a court case about the cause of a deadly mobile-home fire. There also was a forced resignation, as well…

This Aws Machine Learning Manager Is Rooting Out Bias In Ai Programs

This AWS Machine Learning Manager is Rooting Out Bias in AI Programs

THE INSTITUTE Growing up in an all-female household, Nashlie Sephus was a do-it-yourselfer from a young age. She learned to do household repairs and other odd jobs around her Jackson, Miss., home.
“We had to do everything, whether that meant getting on top of the roof to hang the Christmas lights or putting up a new ceiling fan,” the IEEE member says. “It was little things like that which really got me into being curious about how things work.”
Sephus went to sleepaway…